Auslan YouTube URL:
Online Application:

Hi, this video is information for interested participants. The participants that we are looking for must be:

* 9-12 years old
* Be Deaf
* Must be fluent in Auslan
* Must know International Sign or be willing to learn
* Must be Deaf Australia member or willing to sign up
* Knowledge that require to fundraise or contribute at least $2,500 to cover your flights, insurance, registration.

If you feel that you meet all the guidelines – you are able to apply online – on an online form, this includes your name, address etc. It will also ask you to upload a Youtube link. This Youtube link is your application – you will need to make a video for your application, answering the questions on the form then uploading your video onto Youtube and sharing the link with us.

The questions on the form are:
– Please provide a short introduction, outlining who you are – where you are from and what you do with your life including what you may enjoy doing. This gives us an insight into who you are.
– Do you know how to use international sign? Would you be willing to learn?
– Why you want to attend camp?
– What is your goal after the camp?

The video needs to be under 3 minutes long. Applications close on Monday 3rd July 2017.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us on Looking forward to seeing all your applications. Thank you.

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