Auslan YouTube URL:
Online Application:

We are looking for one leader.
* Must be 21-30
* Must be deaf
* Fluent in Auslan
* Some knowledge of International Sign or willingness to learn
* Must be Deaf Australia member or willing to sign up
* Experience in leadership
* Experience with young people aged between 9-12 years old
* Knowledge that require to fundraise or contribute at least $2,500 to cover your flights, insurance, registration.
* Have a working check with children and police checks (if you are selected but you don’t have WWCC or police check, you must register on both of WWCC and police check and send a copy of both to us)

If you feel that you meet the guidelines then we welcome your application.
You can apply through an online form, this includes your name, address etc. It will also ask you to upload a Youtube link. This Youtube link is your application – you will need to make a video for your application, answering the questions on the form then uploading your video onto Youtube and sharing the link with us.

The questions on the form are:
Please provide a short introduction, outlining who you are – where you are from and what you do with your life including what you may enjoy doing. This gives us an insight into who you are.
– What is your organisational experience?
– Do you have any experience with leadership, youth and camps?
– Do you know how to use international sign? Would you be willing to learn?
– What is your understanding of Deaf Youth Australia, Deaf Australia, the World Federation of the Deaf and the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section?
– What expectations do you have as a potential leader and how do you think that you will benefit from attending the camp as an Australian leader?

The video needs to be under 5 minutes long. Applications close on Monday 3 July 2017.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us on Looking forward to seeing all your applications. Thank you

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