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Hello everyone, I’m Shirley and I am the President for Deaf Youth Australia. We have an exciting announcement about upcoming WFDYS children camp.

We can’t believe WFDYS Junior Camp was over! But it was not over for us because there will have a next WFDYS (World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section) Children Camp which will be in next year 2018. It will be held in Argentina, South America – it is very exciting!

This video is to announce that DYA is looking for five representatives to go to the camp, four youth participants (9-12 years old) and one leader (21-30 years old).

Out of the four young people, two are definitely attending the camp and two will be placed in reserve, depending on whether the campsite has the room and the interest from other countries.

The youth representatives must be aged between 9-12 years old, be deaf and be fluent in Auslan but another video will be uploaded explaining the remainder of the guidelines.

The leader must be aged between 21-30, with previous experience and be a motivated individual but we will explain this further in another video.

This is an exciting time because today marks under one year already – we need to prepare for the camp. we also hope that you will encourage and support the young people in community to apply this camp. Thank you. Bye


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